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BEK Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Arena, Braddock, Burnstad, Crystal Springs, Dawson, Driscoll, Hague, Hazelton, Hull, Kintyre, Lake Isabel, Lake Williams, Lehr, Linton, McKenzie, Menoken, Moffit, Napoleon, Pettibone, Regan, Robinson, Steele, Sterling, Strasburg, Tappen, Temvik, Tuttle, Westfield, Wilton, Wing, Wishek, Zeeland
Bismarck / Mandan Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, Baldwin, Menoken, Wilton
Dakota Central Telecommunications (select)
Includes the following cities: Alfred, Barlow, Bordulac, Bowdon, Carrington, Cathay, Cleveland, Courtenay, Edmunds, Eldridge, Gackle, Grace City, Heaton, Hurdsfield, Jamestown, Kensal, Medina, Melville, Millarton, Montpelier, New Rockford, Sheyenne, Streeter, Sykeston, Wimbledon, Windsor, Woodworth, Ypsilanti
Dickinson Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Dickinson, Gladstone, Richardton, Lefor, South Heart, Belfield, Manning, Hirschville, Hebron, Glen Ullin, Medora, Fairfield, New England, Killdeer, Dunn Center, Grassy Butte
Fargo / Moorhead Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Fargo, Moorhead, Prairie Rose, Frontier, Briarwood, West Fargo, Mapleton, Sabin, Glyndon, Argusville, Georgetown, Oakport
Grand Forks Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, Manvel, Mekinock, Emerado, Thompson, Reynolds
Jamestown Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Jamestown, Spiritwood, Cleveland, Medina, Woodworth, Pingree, Wimbledon
Minot Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Minot, Des Lacs, Burlington, Surrey, Minot AFB
RTC Communications Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Alexander, Arnegard, Douglas, Emmet, Garrison, Keene, Kenmare, Makoti, Mandaree, Max, New Town, Norma, Parshall, Plaza, Roseglen, Ross, Ryder, Spencer, Squaw Gap, Watford City,
Valley City Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Valley City, Oriska, Tower City, Buffalo, Rogers, Fingal, Kathryn
Williston Area (select)
Includes the following cities: Williston, Trenton, Springbrook, Epping, Ray, Tioga, White Earth, Wheelock, Buford


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